Friday, 3 May 2013

Week 7 Exercises:

Reduce Noise:
Using: ReduceNoise_Caddy.JPG

Colour Luminance and Noise
BE AWARE mid tones and shadows --> noise within them 
ALSO look at the highlights 

Zoom in to see the noise:

Filter, Noise:

You can preview what you're doing:

Notice the purple haze:

Noise has been reduced from image:
If I hadn't been told I wouldn't have noticed the noise or the purple haze. I think it's clever that you can remove noise from the image. It may not be noticeable but it does make a difference when you know!


Use: AddNoise_before.JPG



Open file:

Filter, Noise, Add Noise...:
Too much noise....
Images, Adjustments, Black and White:
New layer:
Fill Black:
Create Vignette: (eraser tool)
Filter, Noise, Add noise...:

Final Image:
I like this image, even though it is of a dog (which we aren't allowed to do in our photography). I think this exercise was really useful because I got to learn what the difference between an image with noise and no noise looks like! And I learnt another technique for creating a vignette!


Using: 78030282.jpg

Open File:
Blur, Motion Blur...:

Select background:

Delete Selection:
Move Layer:

Use eraser tool to make it look more realistic:


Final Image:

I think the Motion Blur tool is really cool! It's an interesting use of blur to make things look like they are in motion if you didn't capture it with your camera.
Using: 136887094.jpg
Open file:
Duplicate layer:
Select pot:
Blur everything but selection:

Pot is the focus and background is blurred:

This tool is really cool! It's clever how you can select something and the effect you are applying is not applied to the selection.
Experimenting with using this tool: (I decided to blur just her face - not in a rude way though)

After messing around with this technique, I've found it quite useful and is a good skill to learn now before moving into my final photographs. Being able to select certain elements and apply the technique to everything but that selection or that selection only is really useful.

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