Thursday, 2 May 2013

Nick Frank

Presented by Alice, in class presentations 03/05/2013
  • From Munich, Germany
  • Head of Arts Department
  • Interpreting new and old
  • Embraces time
  • Can consider it from different angles
  • Lines, shapes + forms
  • Photoshop used to enhance
  • Place where people come + go but don’t appreciate it ie. Subways … balance + perspective, eye level, camera angles to engage viewer
  • Photographs asks the question rather than providing the answers
  • Geometric visual tension within
  • Confines of a structure

This image has muted colour, even though there is a wall of glass, the glare is removed, the trees add a natural element.  like the chairs under the trees, as it gives the feeling of the outdoors coming in or the indoors going out. There is an angular feeling of space and sharpness as the eye is taken to the sharp corner of the room.
The sun adds to the fuzzy, over exposed and blown out corner. The image describes the fun of the fair, encouraging you to take on the ride... I like the bold colours because it emphasise that 'carnival' atmosphere although there is a lack of people. It is somewhat abandoned due to the lack of people but it's not rundown...

I love this image! Where does the building end and the sky start. The sky is artfully reflected onto the glass. An acute angle of the photograph looking up at the sharp lines where the tip of the building blends to the skyline works really well in this photograph.

I'm obsessed with night photography, so I loved this image instantly. The twists and turns, colour absorbed and reflected, angular, sharp, but soft muted lines and a warmth of the colours. It is structural and strong, yet soft and moulded. The openness of the building showing its skeleton, but covered in certain areas. The photograph almost reflects a person only showing and reflecting what they want to be seen, the rest is hidden waiting for it to be discovered…
This image is really intriguiung. The fluoro artificial lighting is cold and sterile. Sharp lines drawing the eye to the centre of elaborate design and meaning. The image is monotone in colour with dark deep shadows adding to the coldness. I like the perpspective angle used to add interest to the composition.
This image depicts the end of the show. The colours replicate those of the previous fair image. It shows the end of the day (sunset) or beginning of the day (sunrise). It does not feel like it fits into the landscape, like it is a photo-shopped picture or a link between reality and fantasy. The colours make me feel a little uncomfortable, due to the contrast in natures real shades and colours, and those of the fantasy of the fair. It's only there for a short time.

So many lines and curves for the eyes to follow. Which one do you begin to look at first. The eye follows rounded edges, the black lines or and lights on the roof around the image and looks towards the passages which lead off from the main corridor. There is a tension between these elements which works well. There is a hesitant feeling, awaiting what may come from around the corner. It leaves you waiting in anticipation..

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