Friday, 24 May 2013

‘Beauty & the Beastly’

‘Beauty & the Beastly’



This video was shown to us in the lecture. To show us makeup techniques used in photo shoots for magazines! So is it fair to say that wearing makeup is just as false and Photoshopping smooth skin??


This video was shown to us in the lecture, to look at how we should be using real images and not retouching everything! Using Photoshop Automation techniques, which we will be looking at next week, they trick graphic artists/Photoshop editors into using this Automation technique to return the images back to their 'normal' and beautiful size!

Retouched: The True Face of Hollywood (Before & After)

Before & After

This image is a great example and one of many examples for photograph retouching! Her skin looks younger, her eye makeup is stronger and bolder and her hair is a bold orange rather then a dull, washed out yellow. See how judgemental I was about the changes, so maybe that's why they retouch them, because we're judgemental without even meaning to be or without noticing!

Girls petition for Teen Vogue to put an end to airbrushed photos

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