Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Experiments With My Photography: 'What Is The Use'

FIRST Experiements with the theme: Alice in Wonderland

This is a photograph from my first attempt at this particular set. The theme is Alice in Wonderland, but the concept focuses on Alice before she falls down the rabbit hole.

The book represents the book she's reading with her tutor before she goes to Wonderland.
The key represents unlocking the door to Wonderland.
The Quote is said by Alice in the movie.

Open file in Photoshop:

Duplicate Layer:

Create Adjustment Layer Levels:

Modify and adjust:

Crop View:

Select H letter:

Copy, Paste and Free Transform the letter H:

Merge Layers:

Select the Background:

Create Adjustment Layer Hue and Saturation:

Modify Adjustment Layer Hue and Saturation:

I like the purple colour for this image, it suits the concept ideas and colour I've planned for all my image and I think the purple looks better with the key and book then the green (before).

I'm really happy with how this edit has turned out! The key is so crisp and the shadows from the book add depth to the image. There is an annoying skew in the angle of the image, for example the left top and bottom corner curve back, which looks a little odd! I don't like the layout of the scrabble, I think it looks rushed and not well composed. These are things I can fix when I retake the photos! I hope I can get the key and book to look that good again! Fingers crossed!

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