Tuesday, 21 May 2013

LECTURE 17/05/2013 Beverly Vasey:

Beverly Vasey:
  • Compared to Michael Riley’s cow image
  • Visually similar
  • But different: Horse is grounded and more believable (less artificial/photoshopped)
Museum series
  • In case of extinction
  • Study of Isolation
  • Out of context (Isolate your attention to specific animal)
  • Dream-like setting
  • Unnatural tension within a natural setting
  • Simple not simplistic
  • Negatives + positives of environmental concerns … through white swan , should be black
  • Staged backdrops in museums + zoos “superficially friendly”
  • Diaramas
  • Door, like in the back of a set at a museum
  • Paradox to animal collection
  • Add animals to this series + it would sit in that setting
  • Conceptually rigorous work

Study of a Goat: Capra hircus, 2006
from Natural History
Lightjet print


Habitat #1, 2008
from Habitats
Lightjet print

I thought these collections were really cool! Even though the two series are seperate, they also work together. The black and white filter suits these series because it highlight the issues in our environment. Initially I didn't like the animal Natural History Collection on its own because it made me feel for the animals who seemed lost.


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