Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Jan Leonardo

Presented in class by Claire Whitebread:
  • Light performance photographer
  • Trapped overnight in a warehouse
  • LED lights/lamps/pyrotechnics
  • Photographic practice devoted to light
  • Only uses small edits (processing)
  • Uses tripod: Exposure lasting more than an hour
  • Time exposures are used
  • Make art from time
  • Trains his legs, abs and breathing
  • Want image to be impressive on it’s own merits
  • Narrative element
  • His work is intriguing
  • Vibrant + bold
  • Sci-fi films, easy as she is a sci-fi fan
  • Innovative
  • Decorative
  • Choreography/performance part makes it more intriguing + adds motivation

Website: http://www.lightart-photography.de/

Examples of his work:

Pyro Wheel

I'm obsessed with night photography, so when Claire presented this artist, I was in ore! I think this image in particular is amazing! The way the use of light is used is inspiring. The light looks like a firework and it's so clear and crisp. The setting and composition of the photograph is also intriguing, due to the bridge leading the eye to the massive 'firework' of light. The textures in the entire photograph are strong and clear. I think the editing and process used to create this image are visually effective!

Beelitz - CallingHome

I really love the colours in the image. The abandoned warehouse or building in which this photograph is taken works really well with the lighting and the colours used. I like the way the sparks fly out from the ground in a circle and the way the pink light vertically expands out from the ground and circles on the ground. I think this is really clever and the photograph works well in composition.

Schweiz - Matterhorn - Vulcano

This was one of Claire's favourites from the artist. Much like the first image I love the use of texture and the way the stairs lead the eye towrds this massive explosion of light. I love the orange tones and colours. The silhouette of the man contrasts the bright light and the explosion spreads out into the photograph from the silhouette. The landscape in the background contrasts the image above which is inside, but I think both work well.


The images from this collection are so clever. I love the use of light to create a UFO or the impression of a UFO. The objects in the image, such as the abadoned car create a feeling of intrigue. I question what's going on, what's happening, or rather what happened? The light in the sky is also an intriguing aspect, is the sun rising or setting, when did it all happen. The movement and blur in the field to make it appear that the UFO is producing wind is very clever and works well. I love the colours in the UFO, I think it adds interest and focus to the subject.

Deja Vu Club Bremen - DJ Oliver Bodzin

I found this image on the artist's website and thought it was just really cool. The use of light and effects is really interesting because there is a sense of movement and it portrays a night club and the way the lights are always moving and creating different effects. The circular pattern creates a focus on the DJ which is the source of the music and vibes in the scene, so I think the composition in that sense works well.

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