Sunday, 12 May 2013

Assessment 3 Panorma Submission


Submitted Images, by Tori Bohm and Maegan Scott

Artist Statement:


Industrial landscapes hold a fascination in the way they can juxtapose society’s need for economic activity against the feelings of isolation and coldness that these landscapes create. These feelings are on two different levels, firstly the separation of human interaction in this cold urban landscape and also the separation of human activity from their natural environment. This theme of separation is emphasised throughout the series. The derelict and unsightly factory buildings dominate the landscape. They set a bleak scene. There is no greenery and nothing seems to be alive. The human shapes which have been superimposed into the bleak landscape are themselves isolated from each other and appear plastic and lifeless to highlight the theme of separation. They are also not interacting with their surroundings. The gathering clouds in the sky are a symbol of a storm brewing over the scene as a result of this unnatural, stilted flow of energy.

A Nikon D90 with an 18-105mm lens was used to allow all of the subject matter to be included in the images. Using a DSLR camera enabled us to work with wide angle and high quality photographs to produce panoramic landscapes. These materials and processes are relevant to our concept of separation because the images highlight the extent of the gradual degradation of our physical and emotional environments over time. We were drawn to the desolate landscape and abandoned structures in Port Adelaide because the sheer vastness of the panoramic images creates an emotional reaction in the audience. We expose the gritty and run-down nature of the abandoned industrial infrastructure and consequently experiment with physical and mental isolation of people. The architectural figures used are plain, white individuals that complement the bleak landscape and reinforce the theme of separation and lifelessness. Some people may view the image this way and then think more deeply about its meaning. These figures have been separated but also seem as if they are being drawn into the centre. They seem to have a lack of individuality as they all look similar and are following one and other like sheep. The rest of the story is now in the hands of those who view the images and their emotional reaction to the panoramas.


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