Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Kenneth Cappello

Presented in class:
  • Commercial photographer
  • Celebrities + bands
  • Dream + drive book:
  • Kenneth + the band the kills
  • Shows humanity + honesty
  • Framing is intriguing
  • Contributes to idea of privacy
  • Real photographs + unexpected details
  • Captures intimate moments
  • Connection to personal lives
  • Dust + finger marks
  • Emphasise with direct flash
  • Band photography is DIFFICULT
  • His is unique
  • Contextual ideas

I really like this photograph, and after having playing around with taking pictures of skaters I understand how difficult this is to achieve. I think the dynamic nature of skating is ported well and the use of black and white is effective. I like the black and white because it makes you focus on the movement of the skater and the textures within the image. 

I think this image is really quirky and interesting. The splash of colours amongst the black and white looks really effective! I think the background works well with the subject matter because it emphasises the use of pop art in a digital form. 

I like this advertisement image from his portfolio, because I've seen this image before and reflagged it on WeHeartIt.com for fitness inspiration, but I never knew it was from this artist! Learn something new everyday. 

This is the collection which the presenter (I feel so bad not remembering his name) focused on in his presentation:

The collection is of the band The Kills, and the photographer has followed them since the beginning. Some images are shown below:

I like the photos in the collection for the same reason the presenter did. He captures the relationship between the band members so well, and throughout all his photographs portrays different moments, moods and themes along the bands journey together and travels on the road. There is a strong concept of relationship throughout his work, which I find appealing and very clever. Not an easy think to capture and force your viewer to feel.

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