Friday, 24 May 2013

Week 10 Exercises:

Retouching Skin
  • Painting & Spotting Vs. Surface Blur
  • Lightening using Layer Masks
  • Highlighting facial features
  • Wacom tablets

  • Perceptions of reality
  • Hyper-reality
  • Highlights on human face: nose, chin, lips etc.
  • In this exercise think about people as objects
Using bored_student.tif:
  • Skin unwrinkled + young but is untouched, discolouration, under the eyes, skin imperfection, blemishes, freckles
  • Photograph has shallow depth of field
  • Created  obvious hairs on her chin
  • Looking at working destructive + nondestructive

Smart objects:

Open file
Duplicate layer
Convert smart object

Filter blur 2.5

Creates smart mask

Invert (mask invert)

Use brush tool under eyes + dimples + forehead

Adjust density

Update blue to 5.0
Use grey brush to have less blur, with paintbrush
Paint in monochrome

There is a highlight down her nose
New blank layer

Make white the foreground

Filter, Gaussian Blur:

Brush down her nose

Play with overlay: Soft light for example
New layer
Brush over lips

Repeat as above
Use (i) eye dropper

Editing her face and skin to smooth it over:

Repeat as above: to edit her eye (make her eye ball whiter):

Filter, liquify:


I think the girl looked way better before! I now have a greater respect for people who do edit photographs and Photoshop photographs. It's really hard! I made her look worse not better!!

TIP: Comma and option shift e (Change Brush Size)

Using the tool LIQUIFY:

Using Image: Stout Chef

Filter, liquify:

Bee didnt notice that I had used the liquified tool on this stout so I think I need to do a bit more work on this chef. But I understand how to use this tool, it's really handy and clever!

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