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LECTURE: 10/05/2013

Michael Riley
Michael RILEY Untitled, from the series cloud [locust] 2000
Michael RILEY Untitled, from the series cloud [feather] 2000
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SMH review by Robery MacFarlane http://www.smh.com.au/news/arts-reviews/sights-unseen/2008/03/20/1205602549425.html

 I like Michael Riley's work, this series is simple and unqiue and makes you think. Why is there a cow floating in one of the works? When everything else makes sense to be floating in the sky. I think I;m bias because I love the blue sky, because my favourite colour is blue! The photos are simple but still have detail, maybe through the use of macro photography.

  • Indigenous heritage
  • Notions which inform the work
  • “to be aboriginal is to be political”
  • From NSW, Dubbo, moved to Sydney
  • Passed away 22/10/06
  • Aboriginal experience informs his work
  • Political + historical resonance
  • His approach from subject to character
  • Eyes closed for example
  • Changes the way we respond to it
  • Series “Clouds”
  • Generic: subject is to put onto a background of clouds
  • Different aboriginality’s
  • Decontextualized + isolated (feather image)
  • Falling but stuck
  • Falling on its side (horizontally), free “agent”, free “spirit”
  • Feathers used in spiritual garments
  • Death + loss
  • Why is it floating? Where is the bird?
  • Could suggest an arrow, don’t shoot the messenger
  • Cow: Mother figure (or God), symbol of colonization, white fellas brought them in, has a tag, European agricultural degradation + economic dominance
Tracey Moffatt

  • QLD, Townsville (origin)
  • Own studio
  • First jobs Series:
  • Canteen 1984
  • Stall 1977
  • Fruit Market 1975
  • Hair washer 1976
  • Housekeeper 1975
  • Meat packing 1978
  • Parking Cars 1981
First Jobs, Receptionist 1977, 2008
First Jobs, Corner Store 1977, 2008

I like her work First jobs! I didn't like it at first but after reading the artist's intent behind the work I thought it was very clever and had a powerful message about feminism. The use of her in the images is a clever and quirky idea. I'd never do it myself but they are well composed and interesting images.

  • Pastel, old style, caricatures
  • Old movies (contextual)
  • 50’s/60’s but it’s the 70’s/80’s
  • Drawn/sketched/historical photograph, d├ęcor
  • Historical + archival photos which have been touched up
  • Jobs, shitty jobs you do first up
  • Her jobs from 15-17
  • Reason so her mum wouldn’t buy her clothes
  • Put herself into all the photos
  • Humour
  • Feminism

Invocations No.8, 2000
I don't really like this image, because it spooks me. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I don't understand it! It has excellent use of light and editing, but again I don't understand it and the composition feels all over the place. I do appreciate the idea and maybe her intention was to make you feel uneasiness.

The artist's opinion on feminism…


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