Sunday, 12 May 2013

Benoit Paille

Presented in class presentations 10/05/2013
  • From Canada
  • Light used effectively images outside the mainstream ……even though this scared the artist
  • 'Strangers' Series
  • Tells stories of desolate places with odd people + things
  • Juxtaposed
  • Travels to Rainbow gatherings
  • Likes to photograph alternative, rather than mainstream, popular culture
  • Use of text alongside the image could be possible in our final assignment for the course

I like this portrait. I mean the guy looks dirty and hippy-ish, but the image is stunning. I love the colours, the use of natural light the way the van is parked in the background and leads off up the road in the distance. I like the crispness of the photo and the techniques the artist has used to edit the image. It’s clear and concise and anyone could interpret the image any way they want to.

This image is so intense, I am in ore. The textures of the subtle on his chin and his wrinkles and the depth in his eyes. I love the reflection in his pupils. The contrast with the blurred blue background is stunning. I like how his facial expression can be interpreted in various ways. In some ways he looks sad, but in others he looks like he’s trying to hide something. The only thing I would criticise is there seems to be a blur around his nose and lips, but I think this makes his eyes stand out.

I think this image is so interesting. Again the crispness of the photograph (the subject matter) and the blurred background just works so well. I find the textures and the shadows so intricate and I just love it. The use of light, and reflections in the train window, give a sense of reality. The cheekbones of this old man are so unique and his face just expresses such discontent. He looks sleepy but bruised and battered at the same time. He juxtaposes his smooth clean hair and neat clothing, with a rough beard and wrinkled skin, showing a life well-lived.

 This image is probably one of my favourites which I found on the internet for this artist. I don't know what it's called but I love it. The man looks disgusted or confused, like he's saying 'do you really have a take a photo of me'. I love the background the colours, the blurres effect contrasting the crisp and sharp focus on the man. The blurred lights in the top right hand corner, with the circles of red and white and orange, I just LOVE them, they look so good! The textures again in the clothing and shadows on the man are so rich and detailed. His eyes are piercing and stare right into you.

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