Thursday, 2 May 2013

LECTURE: 03/05/2013

Photography Hijacked DVD

Graham miller

·         Things he sees driving along
·         Literature + cinema
·         Doesn’t have ability to write a novel  or short stories
·         Shoots people's gestures or what people are wearing
·         Emotional turns to capture a mood
·         Failed relationships + broken dreams
Dean Karr
·         Shooting rock and roll
·         Capture the moment + have a memory
Jennepher Juniper Strafford
·         Live my life + have my camera with me
·         “my friends are eccentric people who invite me into their life”
Sarah Small
·         Idea of an experience, but not a final idea
·         Process of discovering your interest
Toni Wilanson
·         Interest in relationships
·         Construct relationships between family
Gareth Willis
·         Image should reflect the time gone into them
·         Abandoned industrial area
Brad Rimmer
·         Masculine and country stuff and photographs having to deal with it
Amy Stein
·         Hurricane Katrina… “stranded”
·         Pictures of stranded people in New Orleans
Angela Boatwright
·         Heavy metal fan… “I get it” she says
·         Something creative
Bill Sullivan
·         Portraits
·         Late at night @ Times Square (the device: Frame was the same in time and size [Voirism])
·         Photograph situations that already were (classical poses which exist without being ‘posed’)
·         Trades of the life lived
Hijacked Series photographs are all IRONIC.
These artists from the Hijack video provided endless amounts of inspiration and ideas. The variation in styles, techniques and subject matter offered different directions in which I could take my work.

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