Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Experiments With My Photography: 'Why Is A Raven'

FIRST Experiements with the theme: Alice in Wonderland

This is a photograph from my first attempt at this particular set. The theme is Alice in Wonderland, but the concept focuses on the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

The tea cup and teapot represent the tea party.
The 10/6 fraction represents the Mad Hatters Hat (on his hat in the movie(s)).
The Quote is said by the Mad Hatter in the movie.

Open file in Photoshop:
Duplicate Layer:
Select all:

Create Adjustment Layer Levels:

Select scrabble tiles:

Create Adjustment Layer Vibrance and Saturation:

Select Tea pot:

Create Adjustment Layer Hue and Saturation:

Select Tea Cup:
Create Adjustment Layer Hue and Saturation:
Select Tea:
Create Adjustment Layer Hue and Saturation: 

Select Paper Fraction:

Create Adjustment Layer Brightness and Contrast:

Select K letter:
Copy and Paste, Free Transform, Rotate:

I'm fairly happy with this image! I think the colours suit the theme, the image is not too dark and the colours aren't saturated! The scrabble tiles are a little too white, so I'll need to add more yellow back into them using the adjustment layer created for those. The photograph is well composed however the angle isn't quite right! I think I will experiment with more photographs of this set up.
CJ also suggested it needs something 'QUIRKY'.

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