Monday, 3 June 2013

'Why Is A Raven' Photoshop Editing

Using photograph taken in sixth round of my photography for Alice Theme:
Open chosen image in Photoshop:
Duplicate Layer:

Crop Photograph:
Start playing with the levels, adjustment layer - to adjust the entire image:

Select specific item to start working on:

Hue and Saturation Levels adjustment

Select paper to bring out the Mad Hatters fraction from his hat:

Adusting levels:
Select all except text:
Select Inverse:

Adjust levels of text (wanted a more vibrant picec of paper and text):

Select the teapot: 

Adjust Hue and Saturation (referring to previous edited image - because I liked the pale pink and green through adjustment layers):
Being the perfectionist I am, I decised to use the clone tool to remove the tea cup handle below the teapot handle: 

Select the scrabble tiles:

Add vibrance and saturation adjustment layer:

Duplicate Background layer:

Convert to Smart Object:

Filter, Sharpen, Smart Sharpen:

Damn scrabble never has the letters you need, so lucky I have photoshop to replace the missing scrabble letter K: 

Free Transform to put the piece in place:

Image to use in tea reflection:

Make selection and copy:

Paste into photograph file:

Adjust layer order:

Copy another copy of the teacup and change the transparency:

Eraser tool to remove the tea:

Bring create layer of teacup over the top and adjuct transparency:

Let's just say I am picky, so I did it all again!!! Paste image....

Zoom out to have a look at the overall image:
I am really happy with how this image has turned out! I love the subtle references to the Mad Hatters Tea Party, like the reflection or the 10/6 fraction seen on his hat in the movie! I think the quote is quirky and really gets you thinking, just like I hope my final photographs do!!

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