Monday, 3 June 2013

'Curiouser and Curiouser' Photoshop Editing

Using photograph taken in sixth round of my photography for Alice Theme:
Open chosen image in Photoshop:

Duplicate layer:
Crop to size: 
Add overall adjustment layer for levels: 

Select scrabble tiles:
Vibrance and Saturation ajustment level:
I couldn't find the other U, I knew there was another one, but I COULDN'T find it :( 
Guess what.. it was right in front of me..... spot the U
Free transform the image:

Select the eat me and drink me cards: 

Hue and Saturation adjustement level:

Select the soggy, iced swiss browm mushroom to edit:

Levels adjustment layer:
Select base of the mushroom:
Levels adjustment layer to make the mushroom look more appealing and less dirty, but still quirky:

Feather the edges using Mask adjustment

Select the string:
Adjustment layer levels: use paint brush to neaten it up: 


Duplicate Layer (bakcground): 

Convert to smart filter:

Filter, sharpen, smart sharpen:


I am pretty happy with this photograph and the editing I have achieved! The idea has come a long way from the first set of photographs that I took when I began this assignment. Braistorming with CJ and Bee, the idea of using a mushroom created that quirky aspect to this idea,and I really think it works well. The colours and contrast in this image appeal to me because they are vibrant, just like in the Alice in Wonderland movie.

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