Monday, 3 June 2013

'We're All Mad Here' Photoshop Editing

Using photograph taken in first round of my photography for Alice Theme:

This is the chosen image, although I accidently closed the file without tkaing screenshots of the process I took, it's fairly similar to the processes of the others:
  1. Open file in Photoshop
  2. Duplicate layer
  3. Crop
  4. Adjustment Layer Levels
  5. Select tiles - Adjustment Layer Vibrance and Saturation
  6. Select top right corner - Adjustment Layer Levels (remove white reflection and crease)
  7. Edit Adjustment Layer Levels to darken
  8. Duplicate layer, convert to Smart Filter and Sharpen (smart sharpen)
Further Editing:
Open chosen image in Photoshop:

Select top right corner:

Adjustment Layer Levels:
Feather edges using Masks Layer

Select eyes: and Adjustment Layer Levels

Continue editing Adjustment Layer Levels

Edit Adjustment Layer Levels of top right corner layer:

Copy tooth and paste: use as apostrohe (we're all made here)

Free Transform:
Adjustment Layer Levels of tooth apostrphe:
Editing Adjustment Layer Levels:

Edit Adjustment Layer Levels of top right corner layer:
Although this image is dark, in comparison to the other backgrounds of all my other images, I love it! The Cheshire Cat comes out of no where in the movie and pops up when he feels like it, so I think the black brings out this aspect! The cotnrast also makes his smiling and cheeky teeth stand out more, which is the main idea behind this image! I love it, it's simple and quirky!

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