Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ann Nogle and Anne Liebovitz

Presented in class by Graham Taylor
  • Take note at Andreas Gusky Rhein ll (1999) painting sold for a lot of money

Ann Nogle
  • Pilot + keen on flying
  • Then went to art school
  • hooked to photography after going into a darkroom
  • All about people
  • Series of self-portraits, of her getting a facelift
  • Continues to record her, as she grows old + her friends
  • Celebrates old people
  • Demonstrates character
  • Graham says she’s a strong photographer
Self Portratit
Should I be concerned that she's flying a plane and doesn't have her hands on the wheel? I think this image is awesome! It's blurry, but hey if you're thousands of miles in the air and at the time in history when this photograph was taken, with a film camera, it should be appreciated! 
The beautiful textures and tones in this black and white image are stunning! I love the depth of the wrinkles and the expression of loss or concern! The image is moving! I think the black and white filter is more expressive than this image would be in colour. I feel sad looking into this subject's eyes!
A quirky and beautiful image of an elderly lady. Again the sepia/black and white filter emphasises the wrinkles, highlights and tones of a life well-lived. It appears she is holding a present decoration to her hair, but that might not be what it is! I really appreciate the depth of these images.

Annie Liebovitz
  • Went to night school, commercial photographer mainly
  • Worked for Rolling Stones (about 10 yrs)
  • Photograph of Demi Moore (1991)
  • Caused controversy
  • Does the fact the images are of celebrities or are famous change them?
  • She has natural/non-staged and in comparison staged photographs ie. Keith Richards … painted qualities
  • Donald trump image
  • Photos of old people, warm in colour + tones
  • Private work in B+W
I love this photograph! The colours, the textures, the quirky little elements the photographer has used in contrast with the musician himself! For example the Louis Vuitton suitcase. The lighting is mood and really suits this image.  
The making of this photograph:
This image was shown in the presentation by Graham! I also like this image because I know what the actor looks like now. The beautiful swan wraps around him, without looking awkward. The black and white filter suits this work because it evokes a depth which may not have been if the image was colour.

I love Johnny Depp as an actor so this image instantly appealed to me! I love the colours in this photograph, the denim, his shirt, skin tones and the background. The rustic and worn out background works well, I just love the filter and light in this image!!

Looking further into Annie Liebovitz' work I stumbled across this image, which I thought related so closely to my theme, Alice in Wonderland. The parts in the movie where Alice eats/drinks things which make her grown smaller and taller and significant and I think this photograph captures it. Whether or not that is the influence behind this image, I think it's a modern, 'fashionistic' (if that's a word) and eclectic representation of Alice in Wonderland.



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