Saturday, 1 June 2013

Jeremy Cowart

Presented in class by Gabby
  • Photographer, teacher, artist, humanitarian, app creator
  • Portraiture + heavily illustrated art
  • Also shoots celebrities
  • Consistency in colour, composition + texture
  • Images after Hati earthquake:
  • Signs with how people are feeling
  • Contrasts with warm colours
  • Derelict place
  • Abandoned background (represents aftermath)
  • Devastation
  • Heavily lit bay
  • Focus on materials
  • ie. gritty timber +rusty padlock
  • Power in Hope (Africa) image is from its message + meaning
  • A portrait of Christ
  • Modern day image of Christ, using faces of everyday people (humanity)
  • Warm colours + textures
  • Imogen Heap (celebrity work)
  • Vivid colours, noise, grain + textures
  • People feel different emotions, looking at one image
  • Use of ambient light + flash on subject
  • Balance btw background light + subject light
  • Use of rich, warm colours
  • Emotional use of colour
  • Giving them hope
  • He celebrates colour, to play on our emotions
  • Hope image says hype
  • But this is less than valid in context
  • Think about series + how images connect


The following images were presented in class by Gabby:


I like this image because of the strong use of lighting! The message is empowering, the textures and colours and vibrant and detailed and the context is emphasised. As part of the series the artist created after Hati, I am inspired by the use of signs and words he uses in his photographs. I find this relevant and it relates to my work with my scrabble quotes.  The child's expression is very emotional and this image evokes a strong connection from viewer to subject matter.

Hope (Africa)

The strong green in this image and contrast in focus appeals to me. This photograph also has a strong message, and portrays various interpretations. The crispness of the fence and detail in the lock and wire is encapturing. I think the composition of this image is very wel thought through.


I just love the textures in this image. The rustic aspects, the worn out brick, metal and wood contrast one another but work well together in this image. I love the colours! Although there is not much to gain from this image alone, viewed in the collection the image takes on a whole new meaning of it's own. This makes me consider how important it is for m collection of 6 images to connect and bring something to the collection.

Imogen Heap

This image is one of my favourites from the artist! Obviously not from the Hati collection, but I like the background and the textures created. The image has a sense of movement and emotion which I find really appealing and empowering. I don't know what the artist is trying to convey or the message behind it, but I find it aesthetically pleasing. The rough textures contrast her smooth, soft, pale skin.

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