Monday, 3 June 2013

'What Is The Use' Photoshop Editing

Using photograph taken in sixth round of my photography for Alice Theme:

Open chosen image in Photoshop:

Duplicate Layer (bakcground):

Crop view:

Missing letters because the scrabble range isn't big enough: (copy)

Levels Adjustment Layer:

Select Scrabble tiles:

Vibrance and Saturation

Select Background:

Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layer: matching to first round of edits because I think the purple stands out and I prefer it over the green to suit the Alice in Wonderland Theme:

Select tiles:

Levels Adjustment Layer

Duplicate Background Layer:

Convert to smart filter:

Filter, Sharpen, Smart Sharpen:

Researching the quirky aspect for this image:
I like this image because it represents the whirlwind of an experience which Alice has in Wonderland but it doesn't necessarily represent the rabbit hole in which she falls down.

Even though I wouldn't use this in the image, I think it's a really cool and quirky representation of the 'falling down the rabbit hole' idea. The floating cards and quirky aspects like the Mad Hatters hat are unnoticable at first until you take a second look!
I want my work to make people feel that way!
Through CJ's suggestion, I had a look at sink holes on Google Images, which lead me to this image! The research freaked the hell out of me, looking at cars hanging off the side of these sink holes and buildings destroyed from this random event from mother nature! I decided to attempt to add this image to my photograph and see what I could do with it! I like it because it looks like a rabbit hole but it has the angle I was looking for to add to my image.

The sourced image on Google:

Paste into my image:

Select the excess detail in the image (road, building etc.):

Delete Selection:

Resize image (Free Transform):

Use the clone tool to edit the edges:

I love the editing I have done on this image! I think the chnage from green to purple in the background made a difference! I think it's just a personal preference, there's not really a reason I think the purple looks better, I just liked it the most scrolling through the hue and saturation! The tiles look more evenly spread and are composed better than previous trials and the way the key sits over the book represents the moment Alice opens the door to Wonderland. After she says this quote in the movie she falls down the rabbit hole, so the hole is a sequential aspect, as well as a quirky one!

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