Thursday, 6 June 2013

Week 11 Exercises:

Using Actions in Photoshop (Automation):

Actions are a group of actions or stages that are kept as recordable sets
so you don't have to perform them time and time again yo record them and play them onto the next image
droplets to change images in batches

- default actions in photoshop, largely examples
- ie. Vignette
- ie. sepia toning (shown below)

Open file:

Various Automations in Photoshop shown in list on the right:

Chose one to apply:

ie. Sepia, press play:

Another Example:
Open file in Photoshop:
Creating your own Action:
Duplicate Layer first:

Press Record:

Rename your action:

 ie. Black and White

Image, Adjustments, Black and White:

Image, Image Size:

Adjust Size:


Apply your action to a new photograph:
Open new file:

Press play: action applied

Apply to a whole folder:

All images have the same filters/adjustments/size etc.:

Automation is a really clever tool! It is awesome how you can save a process and apply to another photograph in a couple of seconds! Or a whole folder in under a minute! As CJ says it saves us time in our young lives!

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