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Week 6 Exercises:

Week 6 Exercises: 

Photoshop has standard Auto Corrections such as:
Image: Auto colour, Auto tone, Auto contrast

Using 1_slovenian_river.jpg:

Image is under exposed 
    - using the histogram we can see this...

Use Auto Colour
  • Calm, beautiful, peaceful
  • Warmer image

- Still under exposure


Areas of high contrast:  Purple fringing at edges shown below:

·       Size and hardness of brush
·       Blend modes
·       Opacity
·       Pens/pencils used with tablets
·       Drop down menu, current layer

Hold option key
·       Sample rocks to cover other rubbish

You’ll see patterns of landscape if you look at image with vigour

“Non destructive” way of doing it use:
  • layer 1 (copy)
  • Different size brushes

NOTE: GARBAGE is in the image (top left)

Final Image: 

Using 2_hound.jpg:

Clone Tool:
·       Window, clone sources
·       Change opacity
·       Change brush size
·       Change hardness

Final Image: 

Using 3_tattoo.tif:

Patch Tool:
Click on selection and move it, heal if necessary

Final Image: 

Using 4_wellknownfolk.jpg: 

Use any/some/all the tools learnt above: 

left: 4_wellknownfolk.jpg before 
right: my editing (unfinished)

These techniques are so cool! I love the clone stamp tool! I think once you get the hang of using them they are going to be very useful tools to use in my own work! Everytime I look at these images I am amazed that I did them! I know they aren't perfect but the techniques and tools are so clever! 

·       Different perspectives
·       Darker shadows, no feathering
·       Repeated areas physically highlighted

CJ showed us a photograph on the internet/news website which looked at this kind of digital manipulation in the media:
The Atlantic: In focus... "Is the North Korean hovercraft, landing photo faked?"

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