Thursday, 11 April 2013

Jessica Ramsey

"I am a 20 year old photographer from Adelaide, Australia. I specialize in fashion, portrait and commercial photography but am also available to be booked for events and weddings. While studying an Advanced Diploma in Commercial Photography, I have fallen into my own unique photographic style which can be described as quirky and contemporary. My creativity and love for photography has continued to grow and grow from a young age. I love my work, and enjoy every new project that comes my way." (

Her collection: Alice in Wonderland

I really like this image! In particular the composition and the colours used. I think the set up in the forest with the quirky aspects of wonderland is what's great about this photograph.

Although this image is similar to the one above, the subject matter has moved and changed. I think this image is successful in emphasising the quirky characteristics of the Alice in Wonderland characters, except Alice is sort of sitting on a chair whereas in the movie she is up and moving, going about being curious and wondering around.

Again this imge is similar to the first image! I still like the composition of this image but again Alice is not charicterized as her curious self. The use of the massive clock is clever and a very cool, quirky aspect, which I would like to use in my photographs. 

This image represents the Mad Hatters Tea Party to me. With the tea cups and tea pots, and the use of the clock, which the Mad Hatter and March Hare break. The composition is centred but I like the editing and the colours used on this image (which is also used on the others).

I love this photograph. In particular the use of macro photography, which is what I would like to use in my images. The use of Alice in the baackground and her holding the potion bottle shows a good relationship to her character. I just really like the colours, textures and composition, because of the subtle quirky mood they create. 

This image works well in the collection with the background similar to the first couple of images. The dress-up of the subject matter emphasises the character of the Mad Hatter physically. I would like my images to do this as well, but in a simple way without dressing up as the Mad Hatter myself! Althogh I did go to a 'Twilight BBQ' Dress-up event we had at school in year 12 as the Mad Hatter.

This image has a strong connection to the macro photograph of the drink me bottle. I like the subject matter and the dress up of the girl as Alice (similar to the Mad Hatter). The use again of the same background as the first set of images creates a good connection between the images. I could use this in my own photographs by using a similar texture in each background. I don't think this image is repetitive of the other image because it shows further context and the personality of the character.

I LOVE this photograph! The focus on the stopwatch which is such an important feature in the movie with the White Rabbit, running around saying "I'm late". The use of the stopwatch over the teacups, again relates to the Mad Hatters Tea Party when the Mad Hatter and the March Hare smash, break and cover the stopwatch in tea, sugar, honey and everything they could find. I love the focus, detail, composition and colours of this image. The quirkiness of the tilted teacups and vintage colours empahsises the Alice in Wonderland theme.

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