Monday, 15 April 2013

Petrina Hicks

Petrina Hicks:

Some of her works:

Fragrant Memory, 2010

Kylie, 2003

Lambswool, 2008

Bloodsweet, 2011

The Crysalis, 2011

Video Source:

Her work is often unconventional, focusing on young people and highlighting  ”the tension between beauty and imperfection”  (

I think her work is quirky and intersting but also distrubing! I feel a sense of uneasiness when I look at her work. Although I do think that the quality of her photographs as exceptional and they have quirky qualities about them which I find intriguing. Such as the blood dripping off the hand of the girl holding the rose. The thickness and colour is not the kind of thing you would see from normal blood.

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