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LECTURE 05/04/2013


Samstag Museum: Phantasia

Phantasia – Part I
Alexia Sinclair:
  • Regel 12: 3 years worth
  • 1 woman show
  • hundreds of layers
  • push and polish
Simon Strong:
  • dreams
  • childhood memories
  • water
  • urban  spaces we live in
  • sinister and dark things happen on our doorstep

Mark Kimber:
  • recreate a painting from his childhood
  • travel and escape
  • reconstruct life
  • 15-20 images
  • range of sketches, images and photos arranged together in photoshop

CJ's Thoughts:

  • taking hours, days, months, etc. in production
  • what this means for them (the artists)
  • polished imagery “photoshoped”

"Phantasia" on ABC Sunday Arts, 7 June 2009


S Aussie Photographers

  • distrort photography
  • Alexia Sinclair’s quote “push pixels as far as they could go"
  • Want people to think they're real
  • Literal doesn’t satisfy photgraphers
  • Angus McBean – surrrealists, Francis Day
  • Magdelna Bores recreates Angus McBean – fairytale images in dometic setting
  • They refer back to paiting, storytelling, and fiction

'Vapourtrout' by Mark Kimber:

  • Panoramic
  • Vary in coulour and quality
  • Visual yearning for pre-history
  • Combine and build fictional landscapes

  • Idea that civilization was emerging
  • 1990’s – top hats etcs

Robin McFaralan – Art Critic
  • said he was "glad he made the artwork, because it was memorable"

Alexia Sinclair:
  • respect of women from bygone age
  • such as: Marie Antoinette

Simon Strong:
  • Childhood
  • Anxieties – fear of leaking water and bugs inside
  • Conscious and inconsciousmemorable

“Fine Art Photographer” – hiarachy in art

  • The idea photography: documented visual art

Bill Henson – controversy

  • admiration/inspiration for technical detail

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