Monday, 15 April 2013

Loretta Lux

Lorretta Lux:

Some of Her Works:

"Self Portrait" 

“Isabel” 2 (2009)

“At the Window” (2004)

“The Drummer” (2004)

“The Red Ball” 2 (2000)

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Loretta Lux is known for her surreal portraits of young children, they have a sense of haunting behind them, the eyes have a look of a secret that you are never going to know, or understand

The works of Loretta Lux are, "…eerily still, minimal and vaguely disturbing photograph…." (

Lux often uses a prop (a ball, drum fruit bowl) to bring in a touch of reality to her portraits.

“The sheen of blemish-free perfection, unusual period costume, and the subject's unwavering gaze - combined with the small scale of the works which invite close inspection - draw in observers but at the same time keep them emotionally distant” (

This links to pushing the edge of controversy to get your work out there and get the viewer interested, even if it is not for the right reasons… at least you are known for something!

I am not sure if this sentiment is a good point to push, I would not like my work out there for the wrong reasons, I would like to be known and my work to be known for a positive factor. Can we push technology and manipulation of an image, scene, or feature too far?

I do appreciate her work in a technical sense, the crispness of the portraits and the colours are strong, vibrant and wall composed. 

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