Tuesday, 16 April 2013

LECTURE 12/04/2013

LECTURE NOTES 12/04/2013

Class Presentation: Urban Landscape 

Presented by: Cameron

Urban landscape:

  • Different generations of buildings
  • Urban photography gritty, not always pretty + quite abstract

Mark Bury
  • Buildings under construction

“Night Incursion” by Mugley
“Fruit Stand” by Vince Alongi
“Over the Footbridge” by Stephanie Krishon

Interesting patterns
Contrast, nature +manmade structure (compare, history, potential of one)

  • Fallen buildings = structure of rubble … looks like it’s been through a lot
  • Construction (contrast) …….how it’s going to look, structural

Class Presentation: Alex Prager 
Presented by: Adam

Alex Prager: American
  • Personality + interest into series
  • Vintage clothing, Alfred Hitchcock
  • Digital photographer + filmmaker
Cinematic style “Rachel and Friends”
  • Snapshot from film (old school)
  • Lighting
  • Colour saturation
  • Intricate set + costume design
  • Series focusses on individual women
  • Selective lighting …. Choses what she shows ….portion of car “Cindy”

“Susie + Friends”
  • Movement, steam
  • Stills from ‘50’s, ‘60’s and ‘70’s

“Su Valley + Eye #3”
  • Before, during and after … what happens...
  • Control of water                                                                                
  • Lighting layers   ……inside car, outside car, in store

CJ: culturally ambiguous, story is ambiguous; movement is between something, still the moment, to then ponder

Tracey Motrach:
  • Action in film i.e. Gunshot


Class Presentation: Emmanuel Correia  
Presented by: Helen

Emmanuel Correia 
  • Architecture agency as graphic designer +photographer
  • Landscape photography, presence of nature without man
  • Recent works: portraits +architecture
  • She prefers landscape photography
    Waterscape Collection
   “End of Line of Defence” 2006
  •      Focusses on central image not whole image
   2nd Waterscape “Little Rocks on the Lake”
  •      Vastness of nature

“Calming + Serene"
  • Darker from one end to the other
  • Simple things hold beauty
    “In Deep”
  •      Colour is effective, soft and calm
  •      Reminiscent of dreams you’d never want to wake up from
  •      Simplicity, relaxation
  •      Realistic but have element of haze

Selective focus
  • "The Alps", mountains look smaller
    No ripples                                                                                   
  •      Shutter speed slower, longer exposure
  •      back and forth tide, long exposure smooths water and ripples
    Mark McKenna:
  •     English, uses the above technique

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