Monday, 15 April 2013

Simon Strong

Simon Strong:


"He creates works, exploring the audiences opinion into what is plausible, questioning responses to our reaction to the ‘reality’ of our surroundings.
He reconstructs memories and plays with dreams, questioning our interpretation of events influenced by previous experiences … this is an interesting perception of how we can manipulate the images we take,….. as artists we can distort what we see and create a slightly twisted or distorted version
Strong’s photographs have a long gestation period,  his work is labour intensive, and his ideas go through a lengthy editing process. Strong takes thousands of photographs and rejects numerous half-formed images before producing only a few fully resolved artworks each year."
This is an important point for any artist to consider, rarely do you find the perfect shot in your first attempt, it may take hours and a lot of patience to get that perfect angle, light, etc and then it may take hours working with technology to further manipulate the image to get the ideal/perfect shot.

His work is weird and wacky, but that's what I like about it, it makes you think and creates and emotional response from the viewer through use of set-up, texture, colour and digital manipulation.

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