Monday, 15 April 2013

Week 5 Exercises: Stitching For Panorama

Week 5: Panorama demonstration; outdoor shoot; stitching principles & techniques; ‘the happy accident’

Stitching For Panorama:

Using Prospect Hill.tif:

File, Automate, Photomerge:

Merge Layers:


Or: Use Magic Wand Tool:

Click on the transparent section, edit, fill:

Obviously there will be spots that don't line up or don't stitch:

Final Image:

Using Arizona.tif:

File, Automate, Photomerge:

Magic wand tool:

Click on the transparent section:

Select, modify, expand:


 Experiment ie. 10:

Continue experimenting: 

Right hand corner, to the bottom, it has repeated the spiky parts of the landscape in the far right ( technology isn't prefect):

Final Image:

360o Degrees Image:

Using Park_Panorama.tif:

Open File:

Image, image size
untick constrain proportions
make height and width the same:

Image, image rotation, 180o

Filter, distort
Polar coordinates:

  • Healing brush tool (7th down)
  • Hold option key and heal

Final Image: (unfinished, needs healing brush tool)

These techniques for stitching together panoramas are awesome!! I assumed we'd have to sit there and put them all together ourselves! Technology is a wonderful thing, and it's great to experiment with the results from the Photomerge! It saves you time rather than doing it yourself, so you can get on with the editing and other skills used to enhance the photograph. 

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