Sunday, 17 March 2013

Stephen Duepont (Photo-Journalist)

Introduced in the lecture:
  • Photojournalism
  • Works from Papa New Guinea and Afghanistan
  • Controversial


dupont-afghanistan2005_016.jpgAfghanistan: The Perils of Freedom 1993 -2009

sd - afgn wot 0110 a31 34.jpgAfghanistan: The Perils of Freedom 1993 -2009

sd afgn -0110 a28  35.jpgAfghanistan: The Perils of Freedom 1993 -2009 

These photographs are just some of his work, which I find captivating. After being told about Stephen Duepont in the lecture I decided to research his work! I found his work to be absolutely stunning. The raw emotion in colour and black and white images is amazing! The textures and sense of reality, captivated me. I feel like I am standing there behind the camera, in the instance it was taken. The gritty nature of the war-torn time in our history, is so recent and the emotions are so real! The photograph of the soldiers head "kill em all" is so controversial and promotes war and terrorism. I find his work simply captivating, and it makes you feel uneasy at the thought that war rages on as we speak...


Visit it, it's amazing...

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