Friday, 22 March 2013

Assignment 2: Exercise 10

Exercise 9: Colour/Contrast & Vignette

Match the raw file (before) with the jpeg file (after) using the Basic, Tone Curves and HSL adjustments.

Using farmer_dog_before.NEF:
Exposure when image was taken: 3.05

Compare to: farmer_dog_after.JPG

I was not happy with the results of the editing I had done for this image, and decided to redo the work from scratch. I didn't think it was a close enough 'match' or looked similar in tones, colours, highlights, shadows etc. 

I continued to edit and adjust this image on Photoshop until I was happier with the image I had.

Final Image Submission:

My image isn't that close to the one we are supposed to 'match' but I am still pretty happy with how it turned out! I learnt how to create a vignette and adjust all the different levels, exposures, contrasts, hues and saturations, all in one image. I like this photograph and I think it is still effective in portraying the subject matter even though it's not and exact match of the example. It is it's own work of art despite being compared to the other image.

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