Sunday, 17 March 2013

LECTURE 08/03/2013

  • This course focuses on DIGITAL photography
  • “Computer Generated Digital Stills”
  • Photography is associated with illusion not realism
  • Although it can be based on realistic ideas, they are not real
  • You must learn to have an appreciation of LIGHT

Class Notes:

Video: The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman on Vimeo 

Video: The making of... The Third & The Seventh 


I found both of these videos inspiring. The use of digital manipulation shown in this film is amazing. The closeups, the colours, the textures and the sequential way the film evolves is visually and graphically pleasing. I like the way it shows the development of cameras and how they evolve over time. The angles and split image screen is also effective because the viewer can gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. 

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