Friday, 22 March 2013

Anton Corbijn

LECTURE 22/03/2013

Class Presentation: Anton Corbijn
Presented in class 
  • Dutch
  • Portrait photographer
  • She likes the use of older people in photographs
  • Realism - natural looks and raw emotion
  • Corbijn does other work than photography, but mainly focuses on black and white photography
  • At first his photographs were 'all over the place'
  • Portraits consist mainly of rising stars, such as U2
  • His images are well-known iconic images (square versions which are used as album covers, rather than the panoramic film image)
  • He uses natural light in his black and white photographs, which enhances the photographs naturally
  • His work isn't done in studios, rather in people's natural state, ie. hotel rooms
  • She likes his photograph of Tom Waits
  • The photographs connect well with their subjects
  • His consistency with black and white photography creates simplicity within his work
  • There is a sense of mystery to his work

She likes Anton Corbijn's work because black and white images have a historic feel. Black and white makes you harder and think further. If you strip away the colour, you strip away the meaning and your ability to instantly connect with real life senses. Some people said they found it easier to understand black and white images, because the light is more obvious, easier to interpret and the contrast is starker.

Considering the black and white perception of photography, is something I will reflect on using in my pieces I present. Black and white takes away some of the moods which colour can often bring and identify a new alternative feel to the image being captured. The simplicity of black and white images can allow the mystery or meaning to be manipulated and this is important for me to remember when placing objects or preparing my collection.

Further Research:

Anton has photographed many actors, (Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood), musicians and their album covers, including U2, David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Simple Minds, Kim Wide, to  name but a few.
He is also involved in Music videos, films and book covers. Most of his work is composed of one shade (brown, blue, or black and white)


He likes to photograph individuals rather than group shots or bands. I like the photograph above of the band U2. After seeing them live, I think it captures the band perfectly. The noise and gritty nature of the photograph complements the black and white filter. I don't like the black tree in the background, but that is obvious there for a reason. There is high contrast in this image, which I don't usually like, but I think it suits this particular photograph. 

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