Friday, 22 March 2013

David Muench

LECTURE 22/03/2013

Class Presentation: David Muench 
Presented by: Brock

  • Digital Processor
  • Landscape and nature photographer
  • Came from California
  • His work engages the public by inspiration and his technique
  • The colours and angles attract people through their vibrance
  • Key aspects of his work: environment, colour, rich warm colours, natural light
  • 'Erratic' 2011, has considered shadow, colour and composition (the rule of thirds and leading lines, which are visually pleasing)
  • 'Evening Moods', has an eerie feel  
  • He presents nature in an inspirational form
  • He captures the originality in nature

My Research:
David Muench:

Wilson Arch, 1989

I love this landscape photograph. I think the arch is the subject matter and the frame of this image and this works quite well. I like the sunset in the background because the colours are dominant but don't overshadow the arch. The rolling clouds create interesting texture as well as the landscape itself, full of pine/trees and snow. The snow reflects the rich array of colours in the sky in a soft, subtle way. 

Also Mentioned: Ansel Adams
  • Film photographer
  • Famous for his landscapes
  • Invented the 'Zone System'
  • Simplicity and power in his landscapes

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