Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hailey Lane's A Place Re-Imagined

This photograph (title unknown) is a part of Hailey Lane’s collection A Place Re-Imagined (2011). My Design Studio 3 Assignment requires me to produce a film about our favourite place, in which I have recently learned how to manipulate manual focus to create the ‘blurred lights’. It may be a simple technique to talented and aspiring digital photographers, but I cannot wait to learn how to do this on my DSLR camera and various other skills. This image has lead me to research further into Hailey Lane’s photography.

Hailey has taken what we see day in and day out and blurred the lights and focus. We see a familiar scene but not as we know it. Using nighttime as maybe a 'twist', makes us become more aware of our other senses and relive the familiarity.
The image gives me a sense of coming home, a sense of comfort. Its familiar but with a twist. I know the location, but it's then I begin to question my memories, or am I just looking at the same place with new eyes or a refreshed perspective.
This is perhaps the strength of a photographer to take something we have taken for granted for so long and place a new focus on it.

More Inforamtion on A Place Re-Imagined (2011):
“Seeking the unfamiliar in the familiar, I embarked on an exploration of the everyday places the casual observer might encounter–places littered with vague childhood memories. Revisiting these locations gave me a sense of excitement. Alone, at night, the environment changes. Things happen. A tension arises. Memories resurface.

The absence of light and people sees me lose myself. I find chaos, my own catharsis of incandescent scenes bursting with new life, new memories, arousing the impulse for new and necessary dreams. I’m now enticed and intrigued. I see the night as an opportunity to live in the moment, as an invitation to slow down, to look and to feel. Scenes dissolve into one another, coming into focus and fading away as I revel in the new and resonate with the old.”


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