Friday, 22 March 2013

Assignment 2: Exercise 1

Exercise 1: Marquee Tool/Lasso Tool

Cut out the windowpanes with the marquee and lasso tools. Create a single image of clouds, apples etc. appearing in the windows of the building.

RCG Tutorials on Youtube gave me further information on how to use the Marquee Tools in Photoshop.

RCG Tutorials on Youtube also gave me further information on how to use the Lasso Tools in Photoshop.

Using images IMG_1465.JPG, IMG_1678.JPG and blue-sky.kpg:

Above: Different edits on Photoshop (using apples left and blue sky right)

NOTE: I did not use IMG_1678.JPG   

Final Image Submission:

This technique is awesome! Handy and very clever because you can take for example a boring, dull window reflection and create one which is vibrant or quirky! (for example if I had used the apples and when do you ever see apples reflecting in the window of a 4-5 stories high building?) 

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